What is an escape room?
Picture this: A dozen people are locked in a room for an hour, with only their wits and problem-solving skills to find a way out as the stress builds around them. Some call it a murder mystery on steroids, gamified theater, a living puzzle, real-life video games, interactive entertainment or an intense team-building experience. Northern Utah calls it the Great Room Escape, and the first franchise in the state opened its doors in Layton in July of 2016.

Each room concept has a tension or pressure element, making it just a little more challenging to recall simple spelling and arithmetic needed to solve puzzles. This element makes the escape rooms the perfect environment for team building.

A concept that started in Japan in 2007 spread to Europe and is finally making its way to the United States. Almost 3,000 escape rooms are found in 65 countries and more than 700 cities, according to the Escape Room Directory. Business is booming since the first escape room opened on U.S. soil in 2012. More are opening every day, and Layton’s owners expect to open more Utah locations in the future.

  Who can go to an escape room?
Just about anyone can enjoy the entertainment and team building that Great Room Escape offers. Since opening in July of 2016, Great Room Escape in Layton has hosted many different groups of people including families, church youth groups, birthday parties, group dates, bachelor and bachelorette parties, reunions, game enthusiasts, and out-of-town guests from Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. We have hosted corporate events including law enforcement officers, military officers, and educators. Grandparents and young teenagers alike enjoy the immersive experience Great Room Escape offers, many returning again in order to beat their previous time or just try to figure out that clue they didn’t have time to solve the first time around.

We suggest an escape room for children 10 years of age and older, no one under the age of 8 will be permitted. All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. All children under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent.

Pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, should evaluate if they would like to be involved in a room where guests are in the dark, such as the Cabin Room. However, the Houdini room is more low-key.

  What makes us different?
While the Layton partners encourage Utahns to get in on the escape room craze no matter the venue, they say the Great Room Escape is unique because of its quality, Hollywood-worthy interactive sets, attention to detail, actor presence and cohesive clue streams. It is truly a 4-D experience involving all the senses.

“It is a full-sensory, completely immersive experience,” said Greg Andersen, who manages the venue.

“In an escape room, you live the movie,” said Andrew Wilson, who is in charge of marketing and corporate events. “You are Indiana Jones or James Bond.”

  Are the doors really locked?
In Layton, the fire marshal has approved Great Room Escape’s use of real locks on real doors. This is real, Folks! However, every precaution has been taken that in the event of an emergency, or even at the request of any guest at any time, the doors can be safely and quickly unlocked using emergency escape buttons. Staff members are constantly watching guests over the camera security system to monitor for emergency situations while actors in each room can constantly communicate with staff members.

  What themes are offered?
Zombie Room:Trapped with no way out, chain link by chain link a brain-crazed zombie and bloodthirsty zombie invades the room. You and 11 others must solve the room before time runs out and the zombie is unleashed. With only sixty minutes and your brains, you must uncover clues and decipher riddles to gain your freedom.(Maximum 12 participants)

Houdini Room:Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist and famous magician, made a pact with his wife Bess to try and make contact from beyond the grave upon his death. They also set a deadline by which they would give up and Bess was to move on with her life. As the hour approaches for the deadline, you and your friends are their last hope. You have one hour to discover the final item so that Bess may make one last attempt to contact her beloved husband. (Maximum 12 participants)

The Cabin: After becoming lost in the woods, you and your friends take refuge in a dark cabin only to discover that it’s a trap! The owner of the cabin doesn’t take kindly to trespassers so you have one hour to get the front door open and escape before he comes home. Are you brave enough for the challenge? (Maximum 8 participants)

Countdown: The Missile Defense System has been sabotaged, and a missile has just been launched directly at your location. You and your team have one hour to unravel the secrets of the room and use its technology to bring the targeting system back online and save yourselves from total destruction.(Maximum 6 participants)

The team hopes to add other rooms to their Layton location in the future. All rooms are over or around 1,000 square feet, allowing ample room for the experience.

  When can you visit an escape room?
Your group can request almost any time and day year-round to experience Great Room Escape with prior arrangements. Since it is an indoor venue, Great Room Escape is the perfect choice any time of the year, not matter the weather. Currently, regular hours include shows Monday through Saturday. Weekends often fill up in advance, so online booking is encouraged.

As the escape room increases in popularity, show times will increase. Limited walk-ins are allowed as room permits, so online ticket purchasing is encouraged. Visit our location to talk with staff members and book your show. For corporate events or special events outside of regular hours, please call to arrange a time.


  Where is the Great Room Escape?
You can find Utah’s Great Room Escape at 525 W. South Ring Road, Layton, Utah, surrounded by Layton’s entertainment, lodging, shopping and dining venues near the Layton Hills Mall. We are in the strip mall between the Olive Garden and Garcias that includes Sports Clips, Massage Envy, and T-Mobile.

Several lodging facilities are located within walking distance of Layton’s Great Room Escape including:

Best Western Plus Layton Park Hotel, 798 W. 1425 N., Layton, UT, 801-896-0271

Comfort Inn Layton, 877 N. 400 W., Layton, UT 801-544-5577

Courtyard Marriott Layton, 1803 Woodland Park Dr., Layton, UT 801-217-2300

Fairfield Inn Marriott Layton, 1740 Heritage Park Blvd., Layton, 801-444-1600

Hampton Inn Layton, 1700 Woodland Park Dr., Layton, UT 801-775-8800

Holiday Inn Express Layton I-15, 1695 Woodland Park Dr., Layton, UT, 801-773-3773

La Quinta Inn & Suites, 1965 N. 1200 W, Layton, UT, 801-776-6700

TownePlace Suites Marriott Layton, 1743 Woodland Park Dr., Layton, UT, 801-779-2422

As of August of 2016, the Utah Transit Authority launched its Midtown Trolley service, making it possible for guests to travel via public transportation from the Salt Lake International Airport to Great Room Escape Layton. From the airport, guests can take TRAX to FrontRunner, then use the new Midtown Trolley service to get to Layton Great Room Escape. Midtown Trolley is a free bus route (Route 628) that connects the Clearfield and Layton FrontRunner stations and serves the Layton Hills Mall area. Great Room Escape is visible from Interstate 15 just off exit 331, the UT-232/Hill Field Road exit.

Great Room Escape franchises can be found in Layton, Utah; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Ill.; Cincinnati, OH (West Chester Township); Cleveland, OH ; and San Diego, Calif. Each of our locations is indoor, meaning Great Room Escape is the perfect choice any time of the year, no matter the weather. It is perfect for a rainy or snowy day!

Why visit Great Room Escape?
The answers are many—just see our customer reviews online—but boil down to two fundamental reasons: for entertainment and team building. Nowhere else can you immerse yourself in entertainment, legitimately testing your brain and problem-solving abilities to the max.

In the team building arena, Great Room Escape has often helped employers discover their employees’ differing natural strengths. Employees test the room to see just how well their team can communicate and work under pressure. Often, individuals take on certain roles instinctively when under pressure. This information is invaluable for corporate clients. After completing an escape room, teams can become more productive, better at communicating, and more aware of each other’s strengths. If your team can make it through the tension of Great Room Escape, every day stress at the office will be no problem!

  How do you play?
While there are no specific skills needed to participate in escape rooms, your team will need people with all types of skills and thought processes in order to successfully escape. You will get to see each person use their individual skill set to contribute to the team’s successful escape. Who knows, you may even learn something about your team mates that you didn’t know before!

In order to keep the games fair and free of distractions, purses, cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not permitted inside the rooms (unless you are a professional on call). Your team will have to rely on good old-fashioned brain power and logic to make your escape. All you need is your inner detective.

Of utmost importance to thoroughly enjoying your time with Great Room Escape is communication. You may be paired with other guests you didn’t know before visiting the escape room, but they may have a skill set that your team lacks. While one person or small group works on one clue, another may be across the room working on another. In order to avoid duplication and effectively channel individual effort, every group member must communicate with the others. Failure to do so will most assuredly result in failure to escape the room within the one-hour time limit.

Repeat customers can try to beat their previous time, or even other groups. They will also be pleased that room themes may periodically change, as will the clues and puzzles in games they have already experienced. If you are a returning customer and have brought new friends, or have others in the room that have not played the game, please make sure to give them a chance to figure out clues you may already know.

  Can I bring my cell phone or purse in the room?
In order to keep the games fair, cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not permitted inside the rooms during play (unless you are a professional on call).

  What is prohibited in an game room?
You may not bring purses, cell phones, cameras, electronic devices (unless you are a professional on call), food, alcohol or any form of tobacco into the game. non-alcoholic drink that are in a spill-proof container may be allowed. Check with the receptionist first for approval. Employees of The Great Room Escape always reserve the right to decide for or against the container that you want to bring in.

  Will I be put with people I don’t know?
Unless you book the entire room for your party, yes, you could be paired with people you have never met before. But that is part of the whole experience, and many different personality types actually increase your chances of escape.

  What if I'm unsure I want to join my party?
Our games are designed to proved an amazing and memorable experience for all! However, you know you or your child's limitations best. If you are attending one of our more intensee rooms, you may want to reconsider another game that fits your personality.

Each room is meant to ofrer a different feel and challenge! Please make sure to read the descriptions of each room before booking as there are no refunds if you exit the game early. With that said, please know that our goal is to provide you with a fun and memoriable visit and this is why we offer such a great variety! Overall, we feel that we are a great choice for families, group dates, birthday parties, church groups, game enthusiasts, travelers, corporate events who are looking for something with a different twist to dinner and a movie.

  What are people saying?
“Such a unique and fun way to spend an hour. It just might be addicting! All we could talk about at dinner was how we want to go back and do it again, but this time we'll make it out!! 😉 It was awesome! A few people in our group had been to escape rooms and they both said that this one was by far superior! Thanks for a great time!” – Hilary

“What a great double date! The hour went by very fast and it was a great adrenaline rush. Thoroughly enjoyed it!” - Kathryn

“A great way to build team work. Great for date night! Great for brain stimulation. Thank you for creating a fun and different type of entertainment.” -Jean

“Really immersive!” –Nicholas

“I was so impressed with not only the quality of the facility, but the skill of the actors as well. I would definitely recommend this to any group looking for a fun activity.” - Lauren

“We had a great experience and will definitely be back.” –Len

“Very fun! 10/10 would recommend!” - Garrett