The Great Room Escape costs $29.95 a person. Our hours of operation are:

Monday: 6:00PM-8:30PM
Tuesday: 6:00PM-8:30PM
Wednesday: 6:00PM-8:30PM
Thursday: 6:00PM-8:30PM
Friday: 6:00PM-10:30PM
Saturday: 1:30PM-10:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Before Attending The Great Room Escape you must fill out a liability waiver. If you are a minor, you need a parent or guardians signature in order to participate, otherwise you don’t get in. Filling out the waiver does not reserve a room for you. You must still purchase tickets.


Please arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before your scheduled room’s start time. The experience begins exactly at the scheduled time. If you are late, you may not be allowed into the experience. If you have booked the entire room, you may continue to play if you arrive late, however, the amount of time is removed from the clock. If another experience has openings on the same day, we may try to accommodate, however, there are NO REFUNDS.

All of our experiences require a minimum of four (4) participants to be booked with an exception to Countdown in which two (2) can play. If you do not have four (4) participants, you can still reserve your place for the experience which will be dependent on another party joining the same experience. Should there not be enough players within the experience, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule. NO REFUNDS will be issued.

OTHER PEOPLE MAY BE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU! Each room holds a specific amount of people, listed below. Expect the experiences to be filled to capacity where you will be joining other players. If you would like to have the room for your party alone you must purchase ALL listed slots.

Ghost Hotel: Eight (8)
Houdini Room: Twelve (12)
Cabin Room: Eight (8)
Countdown: Six (6)

The total amount of players for these rooms may not be surpassed due to safety and logistics. If your party exceeds the amount allowed, you have the option of booking multiple experiences for your party. If you contact management, we can arrange accommodations to the best of our capability to fit your party’s needs. Do keep in mind, we must respect the safety and limitations of each room.

We do not allow guests younger than the age of eight (8). If any of the players within the party are under the age of eighteen (18), a parent or guardian of eighteen (18) or older must sign a waiver on their behalf. If there is a player that is between the ages of eight (8) and fourteen (14), an adult (parent/guardian) who is of eighteen (18) years of age or older, must accompany the minor during this experience.

INFANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OF OUR ROOMS EVEN IF YOU SAY YOU WILL HOLD THEM. Please make other arrangements before showing up as there will be no exceptions made.

We understand unexpected events might occur and should you find that you need to reschedule your experience, please contact The Great Room Escape SLC, LLC (801-682-1084) within twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice as there will be no refunds administered.

Due to the intensity of the Cabin Room we advise anyone with the following health conditions to consider not participating:

* Severe Heart Condition
* Epilepsy
* Pregnant Women
* Physical Limitations that complicates bending, moving, or standing for long periods of time.

We reserve the right to change or modify or discontinue any or all of the terms at any time. We have the right to refuse business to anyone including, but not limited, to those who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Additionally, any player who chooses not to respect the rules presented for the experience, interacts poorly with employees, or decides to interfere with the game causing damage and/or conflict with other players, we have the right to stop the experience and remove the offending party. Any removed player for these reasons forfeits the right to any financial refund, credit, or compensation. Should damage to the property or harm fall upon our employees and/or other players, the offending person(s) may be held liable for any action appropriate to the aggression upto and including legal action. This is for the safety of the guests and the employees of The Great Room Escape SLC, LLC.

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Please contact us if you would like to book an entire room at a special group rate and time. Upon request and with advance notice, we can accommodate groups any time of the day. Limited facilities are also available for a conference area.