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With advance notice, we can accommodate corporate activities and larger groups most any time of the day. Limited facilities are also available for a conference area.

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Terms & Conditions


By choosing to play and attend any game at The Great Room Escape Layton, you agree that you have read and understand the terms and conditions below:


* If you are sick please do not come in! We will gladly reschedule you.

* Please wash your hands before playing your game or use the hand sanitizer dispensers provided.

* All guests entering any game must pay even if they just plan on watching and not participating.  

Due to intensity of some of our rooms (i.e. Cabin), we advise anyone with the following health conditions to enter with caution or seek consultation from their doctor first:

* Heart Conditions

* Lung Conditions (some rooms use fog machines)

* Epilepsy (some rooms use strobe lights)

* Pregnant (Especially 3rd trimester)

* Physical Limitations that are complicated by bending, moving, or standing for long periods of time

Please arrive 10 – 15 before your games starts. We will always attempt to start games right on time so please do not be late! If you are late you may not be admitted in. If another game has an opening on the same day, we may try to accommodate, however, there are NO REFUNDS.

All of our experiences require a minimum of four (4) participants to be booked with an exception to Countdown in which two participants (2) can play. We will not allow you to play the game with less than the minimum required participants (even if you pay for extra spots) as many puzzles within the game require everyone to work together.  If you do not have the minimal number of participants on your scheduled day you may be given the opportunity to reschedule. NO REFUNDS will be given.

You may add additional players to you your game as long as you do not exceep the maximum amout of players. For instance, you have booked 6 people online for a room that holds eight people and two more would like to join. You would simply have the additional players show up with you and have them pay onsite. Please call (801) 546-6446 if you have any questions about this process.

ALL ROOMS ARE PRIVATE. We are committed to our players health and safety and therefore do not allow mixed groups to play in the same room at this time. We recommend that you come with family members or those that you are in constant contact with. Each room holds a specific amount of people listed below. We will not make exceptions to exceed the maximum capacity listed. Ghost Hotel Room: Eight (8) Cabin Room: Eight (8) Countdown: Six (6) Quest: Eight (8) Mobster: Eight (8)

We discourage guests younger than the age of eight (8). Young children tend to get bored quickly may not ejoy the complexity of the puzzles. All AGES PAY THE SAME PRICE.  If there is a player that is under the age of thirteen (13), a parent or guardian who is of eighteen (18) years of age or older, must accompany the minor(s) during the entire experience. Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are considered players and must also pay when entering the game, even if they just plan on watching. 

INFANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OF OUR ROOMS EVEN IF YOU SAY YOU WILL HOLD THEM. Please make other arrangements so you can enjoy your game to the fullest! 

We understand unexpected events might occur and should you find that you need to reschedule your experience, please contact The Great Room Escape, Layton (801-546-6446) with at least a twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice. If enough notice is given then we may be able to reschedule you for a differ time. We do not allow customers to reschedule if it is less 24 hours from your scheduled game. We do not offer refunds for any cancelations or refunds if some of your guests do not show up.

We have the right to refuse business to anyone including, but not limited, to those who are showing signs of sickness, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or are being disorderly, chooses not to respect the rules presented for the experience, interacts poorly with employees, or decides to interfere with the game causing damage and/or conflict with items in the room or other players. Even if your game has already started, we have the right to stop the experience and end the entire game or remove the offending party(s). Any removed player for these reasons forfeits the right to any financial refund, credit, or compensation. Should damage to our property happen or harm fall upon any of our employees and/or other players directly or indirectly from someone in your party, the person who has booked the room and/or the offending person(s) will be held liable for any action appropriate to the aggression. This may include financial compensation for materials, labor, and costs for downtime of the game in question. If needed, we will pursue legal action against any or all parties involved. This is for the safety of the guests and the employees of TAG Entertainment Enterprises, LLC (dba The Great Room Escape).

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